What is a Use Tax?

In the past, a Use Tax was applied to large purchases like vehicles or appliances that were purchased out-of-state, but used in Missouri. 

In 2021, the Missouri Legislature changed state law to allow cities to collect a Use Tax on online/out-of-state purchases from retailers like Amazon, Chewy, Waifair and others. It is the equivalent of a sales tax that shoppers would pay at a brick-and-mortar store here in town.

The Missouri Department of Revenue already collects the State's Use/Sales tax on out-of-state purchases, but the City currently does not receive any revenue from those purchases.

The Missouri Municipal League has an extensive history of the Use Tax in Missouri and how we came to this ballot initiative today.

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1. What is a Use Tax?
2. How much is a Use Tax?
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6. Will I pay both a Use Tax & Sales Tax
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