(816) 622-4234


(816) 220-4521

Link: Operations Bureau

Operations consists of, Patrol, Detention and Animal Control.

Name Title Email Phone
Decker, Steve Lieutenant (816) 655-0378
Rapp, Don Captain (816) 220-4579
Fanara, Joe Lieutenant (816) 228-0153
Animal, Control     (816) 228-0149
Rusher, Shawna Administrative Assistant 816-622-4234

Bike Patrol 

(816) 228-0178

(816) 228-0242

Link: Bike Patrol

The primary goal of the Bike Patrol program is to facilitate a partnership between the Police Department and the community.

Name Title Email Phone
Lalli, Colby Sergeant (816) 228-0178
Kunkel, Tammy Receptionist (816) 228-0178

Alarms and Permits 

(816) 228-0247

(816) 228-0147

Link: Alarms and Permits

City Ordinance requires all residence and business alarm systems, whether monitored or audible, be registered with the Blue Springs Police Department.

Animal Control 

(816) 228-0149

(816) 228-0147

Link: Animal Control

The Animal Control Department is responsible for the enforcement of all City codes related to the ownership and care of domestic animals.

K-9 Unit 
Link: K-9 Unit

The Blue Springs Police Department introduced its first K-9 Unit in September 2006. This unit was made possible through a federal grant that funded the cost of training the dog and handler.

Non-Commissioned Officers 

(816) 228-0154

(816) 228-0147

Link: Non-Commissioned Officers

A Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) is a volunteer position with no arrest powers. NCOs perform duties that do not require the services of commissioned police officers.

Uniform Patrol 

(816) 228-4546

(816) 228-0147

Link: Uniform Patrol

Uniform Patrol is responsible for the provision of basic police response and service to prevent and deter crime to the greatest extent possible, at least to a level where people within the community perceive they are free from constant fear of crime.

Name Title Email Phone
Rusher, Shawna Administrative Assistant 816-622-4234