The City of Blue Springs Municipal Code provides the opportunity for different types of appeals and petitions. The table below has been created in an effort to provide a user-friendly guide to the various appeals process. These materials are not meant to be legal advice and you should consider consulting with an attorney concerning the potential right to appeal / petition and the means of doing so.

Contact an attorney about review or appeal of City Council decisions.

Table of Appeals

The table below outlines the various types of appeal, what type of decisions or governing bodies can be appealed, who can make the appeal, and the time frame in which an appeal can be made.

Body or Decision Appealed
Municipal Code Section
Who Can Appeal
Time Frame & Format of Appeal
Board of Adjustment
  • Variances
  • Appeals of Administrative Decisions
  • Written Interpretations of the Director of Community Development
  • Off-Street Parking and Loading
  • Non-Conforming Uses
  • Non-Conforming Structures
Any person or persons, jointly or severally aggrieved by any decision of the Board of Adjustment, or any officer, department, or board of the municipality.
Appeal is to the Circuit Court. Consult an attorney.
All Other Applications 
  • Platting (Preliminary Plat)
  • Planned Unit Developments, (PUD)
  •  Planned Unit Developments Final Plan, (PUDF)
  • Planned Developments, (PD) 
  • Planned Developments Final Plan, (PDF) 
  • Planned Residential Overlay Districts, (PR-O)
  • Conditional Use Permits 
  • Site Plan & Design Review
  • Tele-Communications Facility - Major Tele-Communications Facility Site Plan 
 Table 403.010-1

Appeals may be filed by the applicant; the Director of Community Development; the Planning Commission or any member thereof; the City Council or any member thereof; any owner of land directly affected by the action or proposed action; any person who received mailed notice of the public hearing; any person who participated in the public hearing on the proposed action; any other person that the body taking the final, non-appellate action or the appellate body determines to be actually or potentially aggrieved by the appealed action; and any person given the right of appeal by law.
Appeals shall be filed with the Director of Community Development within seven (7) days of the decision by the decision-making review body.
International Building Codes Appeals
500.080  Any person who is: denied an application or a permit, or who claims the provisions of a code does not apply, or that the true intent and meaning of the code have been misconstrued or wrongly interpreted, or proposes alternate materials or methods of construction not permitted by the strict interpretation of these codes.
Appeal is to the Technical Review Committee which shall conduct the appeal provided in the International Code.
Downtown Review Board Ord. 4849  Appeals may be filed by the applicant.  The City Council shall serve as the appellate body for the DRB. An appeal of the DRB decisions shall follow the same appeals process as outlined in Section 403.010.A.3.f

Additional Information

For additional information about the appeal and petition processes, please contact the Community Development Department at 816-228-0207 or the City Attorney at 816-228-4583.