Fieldhouse and Blue Surf Bay Waterpark FAQ

Why are you raising prices?
The new fee structure will help us address rising operating costs, maintain and improve our facilities, and continue to offer a wide range for programs and services that meet your needs and expectations. Since opening in September of 2015, the facility has never increased rates for use of the facility, while experiencing increased cost of utilities, staffing and other supply cost. We are committed to providing a safe, clean and enjoyable environment for all of our members and guests.

Can I join just the Fieldhouse or just Blue Surf Bay Waterpark if I don’t want to use the other facility?
Your membership is for the entire facility (Fieldhouse and Waterpark). The complex is designed as all-inclusive, making the entire facility available to everyone. Those who have only taken a fitness class in the Fieldhouse may be interested to know there will be fitness classes in the indoor aquatics center of the waterpark to choose from, and vice versa. We also believe we have amenities in the new facility that may be of interest to current members such as a sauna, NinjaCross course and an expanded lobby. Additionally, we will be expanding the Fitness Center and adding more equipment and replacing our treadmills, ellipticals and bikes to serve you better.

Why are memberships set up to include both the Fieldhouse and Blue Surf Bay Waterpark?
By utilizing one check-in location, it provides operational efficiencies that allow us to keep membership cost as low as possible for everyone.  This is a common practice in public recreation facilities such as the Fieldhouse and Blue Surf Bay Waterpark.  Opening the entire facility to Members allows you to take advantage of both the Fieldhouse and its amenities as well as the waterpark and its amenities without incurring increased cost for one or the other. It is completely up to the you, the Member to use either the Fieldhouse, waterpark or both.

We recognize that members may have varying preferences for facility use, and while the Fieldhouse is designed as an all-inclusive space, we believe the new offerings, such as fitness classes in the indoor aquatics center and additional amenities in the waterpark, will cater to a wider range of interests.

When will the new pricing take affect?
For all new members joining the Fieldhouse, the new pricing goes into effect on June 1, 2024.

Membership Fees

What do I get with my membership once the fees increase?
Everything the Blue Springs Fieldhouse and Blue Surf Bay Waterpark have to offer. This includes use of the fitness center, basketball courts, field turf, access to the waterpark and much more. As staff develops the policies for Blue Surf Bay Waterpark, we will inform Members of programs and services that will be included with your membership like aqua fitness, sauna, spa, slide tower, lazy river, surf simulator, lap pool, swim lessons and NinjaCross Course. Some programs and activities may incur additional charges.

What if I don’t want to pay the new membership fees?
As a member, you reserve the right to terminate your membership when a request in writing is provided by the member with a minimum of a 30-day notice, prior to the membership being stopped. If you choose to return as a member, your membership fees will move to the new price for an individual, couple, household, etc. that goes into effect on February 1, 2024.

Will the waterpark be for Blue Springs residents only?
Blue Surf Bay Waterpark will be open to the entire general public.

Will Silver Sneakers or Renew Active participants be affected by the new fee structure?
No, they will NOT be affected by the new fee structure.