August is back to school and that means a change of schedule for most people. Many of the benefits of exercise are based on consistency, so finding your new routine that allows you to have continued activity is important. Membership at the Fieldhouse allows you free access to all our group exercise classes. We are happy to offer classes morning, mid-day and evening to accommodate many different schedules.

This fall continues our youth speed and agility program for all sport groups. Having a sports performance offering for youth has been something we have wanted to start at the Fieldhouse since opening the building. We are excited to expand the sports performance offering to high school athletes, ages 15-18. They will meet after school, on Thursdays from 3:30-5 p.m. here at the Fieldhouse. Like the youth program, it is designed for all sport groups, male and female.

Arguably, the best orthopedic surgeon in sports medicine, Dr. James Andrews, published a book called “Any Given Monday” about the importance of preventing injuries to avoid surgery. He emphasizes the importance of training in the months prior to a season starting. He states, “A very successful preseason strength and conditioning program will dramatically decrease the risk of both minor and major injuries.” Dr. Andrews states that some form of physical fitness should be maintained year-round, with an increase in frequency in the 6-8 weeks before the season starts. To find out more information call the Fieldhouse front desk, 816-228-0137, or visit the Fieldhouse website.