Court Availability

At the Fieldhouse we strive to have open court availability at all times for member use.  However, between classes, programs, and rentals at times court use may be limited or restricted.  Please refer to this calendar for typical availability for the month. These schedules are subject to change and may not always represent actual availability.  

To confirm availability before arriving feel free to call us at (816)228-0137.


July 9 - 10 all courts will be closed for a Basketball Tournament.


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Court Rules

Schedule is subject to change anytime

No food or drinks allowed in Gym except water in sealable leak proof containers.

No profanity of any kind

No Gum is allowed in Turf Field or Gym

No Lacrosse or Field Hockey play is allowed.

No Baseball, Softball, Frisbee or other hard ball or restricted sport play allowed in the facility.

Keep gym clean, please pick up after yourself.

No throwing/kicking balls up at the ceiling or windows.

Anyone participating in destructive play or activities, will be asked to leave

Any reckless play or inappropriate language will not be permitted

For additional rules and regulations of the Fieldhouse refer to our Fieldhouse Handbook