Jessica Johnson

Fun Facts

We asked our trainers...

  • Hometown: Pleasant Hill, MO
  • Favorite workout: Upper body lifts and dance cardio
  • Favorite food: Anything cheesy or tacos!
  • Cat or dog person? Both, but I have 2 cats (Kidney Bean & Tomato) 
  • Favorite movie: Good Will Hunting, The Departed, End of Watch
  • Other hobbies: Creating tasty healthier versions of not so “healthy” foods
  • Fun fact about me: I had a kidney transplant almost 10 years ago!
  • Favorite quote or motto: “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” – Walter Bagehot

Why did you choose a career in the fitness field? 

I had personal trainer who made things fun when I was reluctant, he turned working out into something I enjoyed and looked forward to. I lost almost 100lbs and working out has become a passion I want to share with others.

What is your personal philosophy on fitness? 

Try a little bit of everything and do what you enjoy. Little steps/changes go a long way, don’t bombard yourself with too much at once.

What is your favorite part of working as a personal trainer? 

Seeing others do/accomplish what they thought was impossible or that they were incapable to doing.

What are your specialties or areas of interest? 

Nutrition, weight loss, athletic performance improvement.