What is the Parks Sales Tax Used For?

The renewable ½-cent Park Sales Tax is used to fund:

  • Maintaining Existing Parks - The Park Sales Tax funds the major repairs, renovations, and replacements to Blue Springs's existing parks, trails, and recreation facilities.
  • Improving Existing Parks - The Park Sales Tax is used to add amenities in existing parks, trails and recreation facilities. An example would be replacing port-a-pots with restrooms at Young Park and replacing playground equipment and surfaces and going back with pour-in place surfaces instead of wood mulch, and installing a splash pad/spray park in place of the tennis courts at Old Mill Park.

Can the Park Sales Tax be used to fund Street Improvements, Police or for any other non-park related uses?

No, by law the Park Sales Tax can only be used for local parks.

  • See MO State Statute: Section 644.032 RSMo
  • See City Ordinance #4654 passed on April 17, 2017.

Whenever the 1/2-cent Park Sales Tax comes up for renewal, voters can opt to extend the Park Sales Tax or not, but the funds cannot be diverted for non-park use. However, having a dedicated funding source for parks frees up more funding for street improvements, Police and other City improvements from the General Fund.