9-1-1 Trail Markers

911 trail.jpg
trail 911 2.jpg

As you walk the trail at Lake Remembrance in Gregory O. Grounds park you may notice that it is lined with markers showing the current 9-1-1 location. Each sign is placed in areas they can be easily seen and identified; each sign also represents a specific grid point on a map and are double-sided.  These markers were put in place to help 9-1-1 callers identify their exact location to aid dispatch and emergency responders.


In 2012, Eagle Scout Aaron Gernetzke approached the City's Community Development Department with the idea of adding signs to the trail for safety.  Aaron found out about the program through the Mid-America Regional Council's work for regional Trail Safety initiated by the City of Lenexa, KS.

He then worked with our City's Community Development Department to survey, grid identify and locate potential sign post sites. Once that was completed, the City's Public Works Sign Shop designed and fabricated the trail signs. With the help of his troop, Aaron installed the signs around Lake Remembrance.