Stantec Street Audit


In  mid-2016, Blue Springs became one of the first cities in Eastern Jackson County to undergo an extensive street scanning process. 

 Stantec Consulting Services surveyed every public street and City-owned parking lot using a van outfitted with a 360 degree camera and laser equipment. The international company surveys roadways, analyzes data and creates reports to help communities strategically manage and maintain infrastructure for sustainable growth and development. 

The onsite survey has been completed and Stantec is currently compiling the findings into a comprehensive report cataloging the City’s current pavement conditions with recommended maintenance schedules and suggested funding levels. This report will be used as a guide in the City’s street preservation and maintenance program. A computerized model is also included to help with financial decisions related to road maintenance treatments and strategies.

Since 2008, the City has been implementing a systematic street overlay program. This annual maintenance program assesses the surface integrity of our streets and, if necessary, repaves them and makes concrete repairs to existing curbs and sidewalks. Streets are evaluated based on asphalt condition, traffic volume and age with work being distributed evenly throughout the three City Council districts.

The new computer model created by Stantec will be another tool to properly manage the City’s short- and long-term maintenance goals as part of our street maintenance program.