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We are creating a specific plan for your neighborhood!

The City of Blue Springs is beginning the process of developing the Specific Area Plan for the area east of 7 Highway between Interstate 70 and Moreland School Road – designated as the C2 Neighborhood. With your help, this plan will detail the Community Character, Land Use & Development, Priorities & Strategies, and Development Concepts desired by your neighborhood. We have already completed the Specific Plans for the N1, N2, C1, and S1 Neighborhoods. The C2 Neighborhood is our next focus area.

The Policies, Goals, and Targets of the city-wide Comprehensive Plan guide the creation of each Specific Plan. Just as importantly, the City develops Specific Plans utilizing your neighborhood’s input, demographics, and land use data. That cannot be stressed enough; we need your input to better define your neighborhood’s priorities and act as a guide for public improvement and private development decisions. 

Specific Plan Process

The City has synthesized the preliminary Area Assessment with the information collected during the Community Dialogue & SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) exercise in July. Using this information, the City has developed a Specific Plan to present to your neighborhood for final review and comments.
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Your Specific Plan is Part of the Comprehensive Plan

The City of Blue Springs adopted its new Comprehensive Plan in July 2014. This Comprehensive Plan framework is based on three scales: the General Plan (city-wide-scale), Specific Plans (area-scale), and Development or Project Plans (site- or project-scale). The General Plan establishes broad, long-range, yet flexible guidance based on the community’s values, vision and its role within an evolving region. Through Specific Plans, it also enables data, analysis, and public participation that is more precise to the conditions and opportunities linked to each different area. This framework allows information specific to each area to influence decisions and investment, while still viewing all development decisions through the lens of the city-wide General Plan.
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Comprehensive Plan

To view the Comprehensive Plan, click here.  
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