Blue Springs Strategic Vision

In 2015, the City Council, Mayor Ross and city leadership met for a Strategic Planning Session to develop a vision and identify long-term goals and strategies that can be implemented over the next several years.

During this session, the Mayor, Council and city leadership used the City’s Comprehensive Plan and previous input from resident visioning sessions to create 7 goals and strategies our City will use to enhance the quality of life for citizens.


Vision Goals

Focus Area Goal
Public Safety

Maintain high level of public safety for citizens as safe neighborhoods are the cornerstone of a quality community.

Plan and invest in infrastructure to support neighborhoods and business activity.
Facilitate the development of housing for all ages.
Neighborhood Preservation
Preserve and strengthen neighborhoods and neighborhood centers.
Parks & Recreation
Increase access to open space and recreational amenities to promote a healthy community.
Revenue Stability
Create a sustainable revenue structure with adequate, stable and diverse revenue sources.
Development and Redevelopment
Retain and grow existing businesses, attract new businesses that create jobs and that are of strategic benefit to the community, revitalize key transportation corridors and downtown.