Group Fitness Schedule

Blue Springs Fieldhouse Fitness Class Schedule

With a membership to the Blue Springs Fieldhouse, ALL aerobic and spin classes are included! We also offer OnDemand classes at no charge. The OnDemand classes are projected onto a screen that allows you to follow along with a video instructor, and are available anytime a live class is not in session.

Need something more personalized?  Ask our fitness staff about personal training at the Fieldhouse!  Our certified personal trainers can help you with form and technique, and create a plan specific to your goals.

We are always happy to help you in any way! If you have questions regarding the facility, classes, or fitness in general--contact us! 

January Fitness Schedule 2022


Class Descriptions

RIP- If you like BodyPump, you’ll love RIP! This barbell workout incorporates functional strength training for every muscle group. Our energetic instructors will keep you coming back with great music and expert coaching. Plan to arrive a few minutes early to set up your equipment. 

Step- Step up your game with this fun and challenging cardio workout!  Choreographed routines and upbeat music combine for a high-energy class, guaranteed to make you sweat.  All fitness levels are welcome!

Zumba Fitness- Ditch the workout and join the party!  Latin rhythms combined with cardiovascular exercises create a beloved aerobic routine that is high energy and lots of fun!

Turbo Kick - You’ll have a blast getting into knockout shape with a class that combines traditional kickboxing moves with high-intensity interval training!  Learn hard-hitting combos and edgy dance moves while torching fat. 

Yoga- Breathe and relax as you flow through poses designed to improve strength, flexibility, and balance.  Yogis of all levels will enjoy the opportunity to enhance or modify the poses as needed.  

PiYo- PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. We crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that leaves your body feeling lean and strong.

Spin-  Climb, sprint, and jump on an all-terrain ride that will leave your quads quivering.  The energetic music motivates each rider through a variety of speed and resistance challenges.  Each class will take you on a creatively designed ride to maximize cardiovascular fitness potential.  
Boot Camp- If you’re looking for a class that mixes cardio, strength, and body-weight training with a healthy dose of motivation, look no further! Classes are designed to challenge you differently every time.  Modifications are offered, and all fitness levels are welcome! 

Total Body- Whether it’s your own body weight, or pushing some weight, challenge yourself to a total strength, cardio, balance, and core conditioning workout.  This empowering class is perfect for all fitness levels, as each exercise can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Burn- HIIT and functional movement training combine for increased flexibility, range of motion, and strength performance.   If you’re looking for a push, this is it!
Cross Train - Some call it crazy, others call it Cross Train!  This bootcamp-style workout puts the fun in FUNctional exercise, for a dynamic workout and will keep your body guessing.

Silver Sneakers Classic- Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength and range of motion for daily activities.  Hand-held weights, elastic tubing, and SilverSneakers balls are offered for resistance. Chairs are available for seated and standing support.

Silver Sneakers Circuit- Combine fun with fitness to increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance with a standing circuit workout.  Upper body strength work is alternated with low-impact aerobic choreography.  A chair is used for standing support, stretching, and relaxation exercises.

Silver Sneakers Yoga Stretch- Improve your flexibility, balance, and range of motion safely with Silver Sneakers Yoga Stretch.  This class will move your whole body through a complete series of seated and standing yoga poses while using a chair for support.  Restorative breathing exercises and final relaxation will promote stress reduction and mental clarity.

Chisel - Start your week off right with a high-intensity, musclebuilding power hour!  Strength training moves combine with functional fitness to keep your metabolism elevated long after the workout is over.

Muscle Mayhem - What happens when you combine the full-body strength concept of RIP with the intensity of a turf class?  Meet Muscle Mayhem!  This strength-based format will appeal to the creative types, or anyone looking to mix up their weight routine.

TRX Training- This 50-minute class is an effective total body workout that uses your own body weight to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability through a series of timed intervals, and structured workouts that target every main muscle group! TRX is low-impact, so it’s easy on the joints, easy to modify depending on your fitness level, and can be set up virtually anywhere! If you’re new to exercise or looking to switch up your routine, this class is for you!

REV-UP: Whether you're a novice exerciser or you've been exercising for years, this class is for you! A combination of aerobic conditioning and strength training to push your body toward the next level. A little bit of HIIT, a little bit of Intervals and a whole lotta sweat.

Kick Fit: Sweat it out in this total body workout that combines boxing basics and aerobics. Jabs, kicks, and punches mixed with strength moves will get you fit and toned while having fun. All fitness levels welcome!

Dance2fit: A fun full body workout that uses various types of music to create a high intensity workout that will have you smiling while sweating head to toe.