Clean Waterways


Stopping Stormwater Pollution

The influx of stormwater into Missouri waterways not only makes our water resources less clean, but also causes the destabilization of banks and increases downstream flooding. Rain water and snow melt that isn’t absorbed into the ground moves into basements and streets, sometimes causing flood damage. As stormwater flows downhill across lawns and impermeable surfaces, it picks up debris, soil, and chemical contaminants. This polluted water runs into storm drains and empties into rivers and lakes, often without treatment.

Tips To Protect Our Waterways

  • Do not blow leaves from your yard into the street. A better alternative is to create a compost pile that you can use later to fertilize your grass

  • Do not burn your yard waste—it is prohibited by the City of Blue Springs. This can also pollute the air and the ash left behind could contaminate groundwater
  • Pick up and properly dispose of pet waste
  • Regularly inspect the storm drains in front of or near your house for debris. If there is a small build up use a rake or broom to remove the waste