Sharing the Road

Cycling Safety
As we transition from winter to spring you will likely see an increase of bicyclists using shared lanes to travel on the road. These shared lane markings, or sharrows, placed throughout roads in Blue Springs indicate a lane of traffic where cyclists can ride in the full lane.

Sharrows are only placed on roads with speed limits at 35 MPH or less and are necessary to increase bicyclists’ safely passing motorists. Markings have been put in place after initiatives by the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Program to improve bicyclist safety and resources. At the close of fiscal year 2013, the state of Missouri spent $306,637,648 of Federal-Aid Highway Program funding for pedestrian and bicyclist facilities and programs—including sharrows.

With an increase of bike lanes in Blue Springs, approximately 22 miles worth, it is important that motorists and bicyclists remember that they both have the same rights and responsibilities while on the road. 

Trail Safety

Bicycle safety is also important when traveling on trails and sharing this space with pedestrians. The City of Blue Springs offers approximately 14 miles of bike/walk trails, both paved and unpaved, spread throughout seven parks and three roadways in the City.

Below are some safety tips to apply when using the roadways and trails.

Cycling Safety

Motorists Cyclists

Yield to bicyclists in a bicycle/shared lane

Never ride against traffic

You can cross a bicycle lane when turning, entering or exiting a roadway

Use the far right lane when traveling

Give bicyclists a full lane width

Ride single file when on a busy or narrow street

Be ready to react to bicyclists changing speeds or moving to avoid road conditions

Signal all intentions to other motorists and bicyclists

Scan the road and look for bicyclists before opening your car door

Try to stay out of vehicles’ blind spot. Wear bright colored clothes

Travel at or below the speed limit when sharing the road with bicyclists

Never pass a vehicle on the right when approaching an intersection

Trail Safety

Pedestrians Cyclists

Avoid walking or running on designated bike paths

Cyclists should yield to pedestrians. Pedestrians always have the right-of-way

When wearing earphones on the trails, keep the volume low so you can hear what’s going on around you

When wearing earphones on the trails, keep the volume low so you can hear what’s going on around you

Wear clothing that provides extra visibility—light colors and reflective tape

Travel at speeds that are safe and appropriate for trail conditions

Look both ways before crossing

Ride single file

bike 0

• A marked lane for use by bicyclists traveling in the same direction as traffic

• Widths vary from 4’ - 6’ depending on the speed an volume of traffic

• Black and white “BIKE LANE” signs and pavement markings may be used.

bike 1

• Motorized vehicles and bicycles share a lane

• Often used on low speed or low traffic volume streets or wide outside lanes

• Green and white “BIKE ROUTE” signs and bicycle guide signs may provide directional and distance information.

bike 2

• Motorized vehicles and bicycles share a lane

• Often used on roadways with wider outside lanes

• Marked with SHARE THE ROAD signs or SHARED LANE markings.

trail map

For a PDF copy of the Blue Springs Bicycling & Trails Map click here.

To view a map of the bike trails throughout Greater Kansas City, please visit