Signs & Signals

Sign Maintenance

In order to maintain presentable signs in the city the Streets Division has implemented a quarterly preventative maintenance and inspection process for all 4,453 city-owned signs. The Missouri Department of Transportation maintains all signs and signals located on State Highway 40 and State Highway 7.  Their customer service number is (816) 622-6500.
To report a damaged or missing sign or signal, click here or call (816) 228-0195.

Traffic Lights

In addition to maintaining signs in the city, the Streets Division also maintains 7 traffic signals located at:
  • Wood Chapel Road and Valley View Road
  • Duncan Road and Adams Dairy Parkway
  • Coronado Drive and Adams Dairy Parkway
  • R.D. Mize Road and Adams Dairy Parkway
  • AA Highway and Adams Dairy Parkway
  • Blue Springs South High School and Adams Dairy Parkway
  • One Flashing 4-Way Beacon (Main Street)
  • Coronado and Adams Dairy Place
  • Coronado and Adams Dairy Court
  • Coronado and Adams Dairy Landing