Stream Team

The Storm Water division of the Public Works Streets Department has formed a Stream Team for the Missouri Department of Conservation. Our goal is to promote / educate residents on the best practices for clean storm water runoff in our city.

These items include:
  • Mulching grass clippings, or at a minimum not blowing them into the streets as they end up in our storm system
  • Not placing tree limbs and grass clippings into drainage channels as this adds to sediment concentration in water
  • Not blowing leaves into the streets as this can cause flooding in stormwater inlets
missouri stream team logo.jpg
Preventing Illegal Dumping
As time allows we stencil the phrase "Dump No Waste - Drains to Stream" in areas around town to help raise awareness and deter illegal dumping in our storm system.

We maintain over 5000 inlet structures. Millions of gallons of rain water travel through this system before they feed area creeks and lakes in our watershed. Keeping water clean begins with each and every citizen.

Additional Information
For more information on Stream Team activities check out the Missouri Department of Conservation website. 
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