Top 10 Codes Tips

  1. Resident Lawns should not exceed 8 inches in height.  Eradicate any poison ivy on your residential property.
  2. Trash/Brush Piles must be removed and properly disposed of. 
  3. Inoperable Vehicles must be stored inside a garage or removed from the premises. For inoperable vehicles in the street, contact the Blue Springs Police Department at (816) 228-0150. 
  4. Trash Containers Trash for pick up should be placed no further than 5 feet from the home. Curbside pick up is prohibited. 
  5. Off-Premise Signs Garage and yard sale signs must be placed on your own property. They may not be posted on public utility/light poles or on street rights-of-way.
  6. Parked Vehicles Parking of cars and trucks is not permitted on grass and lawns. Recreational Vehicles (RVs) can be stored in driveways, side yards or rear yards if access is available. 
  7. Fence, Deck and Pool Construction Construction of a new deck, fence or pool requires a City building permit. All pools holding 24 inches of water or more, including inflatable pools, must have a permit, please call (816) 228-0118.
  8. Street Numbers Numbers must contrast with the background and be Arabic numerals at least 4 inches high and one-half inch stroke. 
  9. Tree Limbs Limbs that overhang the sidewalk or street must be trimmed. Call Public Works at (816) 228-0195 if you have questions about limbs in the rights-of-way of streets. 
  10. Disposal of Refrigerators When disposing of refrigerators or airtight containers, always remove the door or secure the door shut.
This list is meant to be a quick guide and certain restrictions may apply.  For more information, please call (816) 220-4565.