Police Employment Information

Police Officer / Cadet Employment

Applications for the City of Blue Springs Police Department positions are handled by the City Human Resources Office. For current job openings, please visit the city’s Online Employment Recruitment System.

Candidates for Police Officer and/or Police Officer Cadet positions go through a very rigorous process that assess education, civil and criminal history, work and life experience, and the ability to handle themselves professionally under a number of extreme emotional and physical conditions.

The process to be selected as a Police Officer and/or Police Officer Cadet for the City includes a number of important post-offer, pre-employment tools to assess fitness for duty. This extensive process can take 4 to 6 months.

Pre-Employment Tools

  • Written examination
  • Comprehensive behavioral-based oral board interview
  • Extensive employment, civil, and criminal background checks, including Computer Voice Stress Analysis (CVSA) examination with questions in the areas of past criminal activity, employment, and drug use
  • Evaluation of education and training credentials or licenses

Post-Offer Evaluations

  • Physical assessment
  • Drug evaluation
  • Psychological evaluation

Processing Groups

Based on the results of the written examination, candidates are assigned to 1 of the 5 processing groups:
  • Licensed A
  • Non-licensed A
  • Licensed B
  • Non-licensed B
  • Does not meet minimum qualifications
Candidates are processed in order of group assignment. “A” group candidates are processed first while “B” group candidates are held in stand-by status until the “A” group has completed processing.

Applicants are notified of their group assignment after the written examinations have been processed.

Additional Information

Any candidate for employment who does not successfully complete any one of the prescribed pre-employment and/or post-offer processes or does not meet minimum qualifications for the position will no longer be considered for employment under that recruitment, but may reapply for a future recruitment.