Application Tips

Helpful Application Tips

We are excited to learn that you may be interested in joining the team at the City of Blue Springs!  Below are some helpful tips that will assist you during the application process.

  • Completing the job application is an important step in the hiring process. Be sure to complete all required information on the application and provide a professional email where you can be contacted. 
  • Read your application carefully and thoroughly. The information must be accurate and complete as it will be used to assess your experience and abilities for the position. It may be tempting to write "see resume" rather than providing your experience or education. Taking the time to fully complete our brief application is important.
  • During the application process, you can attach your resume, cover letter, reference letters, certificate, licenses or any other relevant documents during the application process. Our recruiting platform empowers applicants to upload any documents that may demonstrate why you are a great match for the position. There is even an opportunity to upload a video message.
  • We appreciate your patience during the recruiting and selection process. The City often receives a large number of applications and we thoroughly review each applicant's information. We try very hard to work quickly through a hiring process, but are empathetic to your need to know where you stand.  If you have questions regarding your application status, you may email and we are happy to give you an update on the progress of an opening.
  • Please be honest and forthright during the application and selection process. We both want to find the best person for the position. To that end, all communication should be authentic and transparent to ensure positive outcomes.
  • It is important to keep us updated on any changes to your contact information. We will use the email and phone numbers on your application to contact you regarding interviews or communicate regarding the status of a position - if your contact information changes, please let us know by emailing We'll ensure your information is kept current.
  • The City encourages applications from qualified applicants with disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Individuals who require a reasonable accommodation to participate in any phase of the recruitment process must request that accommodation as part of the application process. Please contact if you require accommodation during any facet of the recruiting and selection process.
  • If you have any questions about working for the City of Blue Springs - or the application process, please contact the Human Resources Team at