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When you hire employees, you are responsible for complying with city, county, state, and federal requirements.

City of Blue Springs

Employers are required to report the current number of employees during the annual Business License renewal process. Business Licenses are good for 1 year and expire on the last day of February of each year. Businesses are notified by mail in January to apply for a business license renewal.

In addition to a current business and liquor license, employees that sell liquor are required to obtain a Liquor ID Card through the Blue Springs Police Department.

Jackson county, Missouri

The Jackson County Assessment Department will issue annual Business Personal Property Tax assessments. 
As your business grows, you will need to make sure that your new staff will need to go through the appropriate training and permits for food handlers. The county offers online training and permitting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the StateFoodSafety website.

State of Missouri

The Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations serves as a one-stop for employers in the State of Missouri. This includes outlining your responsibilities as an employer.

Federal Government

Social Security or Self Employment Tax Withholding must be withheld from employee’s wages or paid by the employee (if self-employed) and remitted to the federal government on a regular basis. More information can be found on the Internal Revenue Service website.

Disaster Planning for Your Business

You've finally achieved your dream. Don’t lose it to a power outage, hacker disruption, fire, earthquake or other disaster. If you’re not prepared, a disaster could put you and your employees at risk, possibly shutting down your business forever.  The Small Business Association partnered with Agility Recovery to offer business continuity strategies through their “PrepareMyBusiness” website

Promoting Your Business

The success of your business goes hand in hand with the success of the community you serve. Your time and efforts to develop strong business alliances and serve in the community will help you achieve your goals.