City Clerk


The City Clerk and Deputy City Clerk are responsible for the following duties:
  • Prepares the council meeting agendas
  • Records minutes of council meetings
  • Authenticates and records all ordinances and resolutions
  • Ensures timely and accurate codification of the city Code of Ordinances
  • Certifies the validity of city documents for court evidence
  • Attests to signatures on contracts and proclamations (To request a proclamation, click here.)
  • Applies the city seal when appropriate
  • Administers oaths of office
  • Maintains a record of membership on all council appointed boards and commissions
  • Works with the Jackson County Board of Elections Commissioners in the handling of elections for the city
  • Serve as the custodian of records for the city
  • Serves as a notary public of the State of Missouri

Additional Information

The City Clerk's Office provides executive support to the Mayor and City Council.