Mayor & Council

Blue Springs Mayor and Council 2022-23
The city of Blue Springs has a Mayor-Council-Administrator form of government as set forth in the Home Rule City Charter.

City Council

The City Council it comprised of 6 members, 2 from each of the 3 districts. Council members serve staggered 3-year terms and are responsible for determining policy, enacting ordinances, and authorizing expenditures.


The mayor is elected at-large for a 4-year term. The executive power in the City shall be vested in a Mayor who shall be recognized as the head of the City for all legal and ceremonial purposes and by the Governor of Missouri for all purposes of military law. As a member of the City Council, the Mayor shall have all powers, rights, privileges, duties, and responsibilities of a member of the City Council, including the right to vote on questions.

Other responsibilities of the mayor include: 

  • Attending, voting and presiding over City Council meetings
  • Appointing members of various Boards and Commissions
City Council MinutesResolutions, and Ordinances are accessible online. City Council records prior to 2015 are retained in the City Clerk’s office, please submit a Public Records Request to obtain these records.
Term Expires 
Mayor Carson Ross  2020 April 2024
Jerry Kaylor (District 1) 2023 April 2026
Galen Ericson (District 1) Mayor Pro Tempore  2022 April 2025
Chris Lievsay (District 2)   2022 April 2025
Kent Edmondson (District 2)  2023 April 2026
Susan Culpepper (District 3)  2022 April 2025
Ron Fowler (District 3)  2023 April 2026