How do I get my animal out of impoundment?
The City of Blue Springs has a new animal control facility located at 1228 NW Knox Street. The City also contracts with Lee's Summit Animal Shelter and sometimes uses local veterinarians. To find out if we have picked up your pet and which location it would have been taken to, call (816) 228-0149.

For the release of your pet you will need to provide proof of current rabies vaccination. The vaccination must have been given by a licensed veterinarian within the last year. If you are unable to provide the receipt for the vaccination, providing the date of vaccination and the tag number issued, we will gladly accept a call from your veterinarian. If your pet’s rabies vaccination is not current, or your pet has not received the vaccination you will need to pre-pay for the vaccination at a vet of your choice. Present the paid receipt when you come for your pet. If you present a pre-paid receipt, by ordinance, your pet must be vaccinated within two business days of its release, by a licensed veterinarian. Proof of that vaccination must be provided to the animal control office within that time period.

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1. How do I get my animal out of impoundment?
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