What will the City do with the revenue?

If approved, every dollar generated through the Use Tax would be used to rehabilitate and repave neighborhood roads. Based on what the State of Missouri collects on its Use Tax, it is estimated that Blue Springs would collected roughly an additional $1 million that would be reinvested right back into our neighborhood streets.

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1. What is a Use Tax?
2. How much is a Use Tax?
3. What will the City do with the revenue?
4. How many streets will that fix?
5. How much does the City currently budget for Streets?
6. Will I pay both a Use Tax & Sales Tax
7. Have other Cities approved a Use Tax?
8. When is the Election?
9. What will be on the ballot?
10. What will happen if this passes?
11. What happens if this does not pass?
12. Who do I contact for more information?