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Council Moves Forward with Priorities
Blue Springs, Growing Strong
City Hosts Civic Leadership Awards Banquet
Public Safety Citizen Advisory Board Appointed
Step out Against Crime, National Night Out August 4
Take a Stroll Down Main Street
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Council Moves Forward with Priorities 
Council Priorities in Motion
Last month, the City Council met during a work session to discuss a number of priorities, including a review of the dialogue and consensus achieved at our strategic planning retreat in February 2009.
Recapping the discussion from February's retreat, we examined ten priorities or consensus points that City officials agreed were most deserving of attention and activity over the next year. These ten points included:
1. Develop Guiding Principles for Blue Springs Leadership

2. Establish Operating Protocols for Working with Developers

3. Increasing/Facilitating Community Information Sharing

4,5,6. Expectations of City Staff, More Council Work Sessions, Lake Ridge Village Development 

7.  Downtown Growth and Development

8.  Public Safety Sales Tax

9.  City Financial and Revenue Options

10. Storm Water Detention Commitments
Much was accomplished during the work session, as the active dialogue of each consensus point led to the increased interest and involvement among our Council in some critical areas.

Considering the importance of these and other issues, the following Council members have agreed to examine and support several items more closely:
Consensus Point 1: Councilman Jeanie Lauer of District 1 agreed to Chair a subgroup of individuals that would work on enhancing the Guiding Principles for City Leaders and develop an action plan.
Consensus Point 7: Councilman Kent Edmondson of District 2 and I will meet to discuss future action items and new ideas for downtown growth and development.
Consensus Point 10: Councilman Lyle Shaver of District 1 agreed to Chair a task force charged with developing recommendations regarding storm water detention facilities and financing strategies. Councilman Ron Fowler of District 3 and Council Jeanie Lauer will also participate on the task force.
While these are only a few examples, we want citizens to know that Blue Springs City Council members, your City leaders are listening to your needs and concerns, and are moving forward in a positive direction in efforts to address them.

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Upcoming Events in Blue Springs:
July 24: Blue Springs Street Flicks will feature the movie Madagascar 2.  Activities for children begin at 7:15 p.m. and the movie will begin at dusk at 12th and Main Street.
August 4: National Night Out Against Crime will be held from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. in Downtown Blue Springs (11th and Smith Street) - in the Farmers Market area across from the Blue Springs Police Department.
August 8: Blue Springs Annual Mighty Mud Volleyball Tournament will be held at Hidden Valley Park in Blue Springs. An adult coed tournament open to the public. Team registration is $100 and closes July 31. Games begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. Contact Blue Springs Parks and Recreation, (816) 228-0137 for more information.  
August 11:  Blue Springs EDC Bowling Challenge is a fundraising event for the Blue Springs Economic Development Corporation and the Blue Springs Education Foundation. The event will be held on August 11, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at Lunar Bowl in Blue Springs. For more information, contact the EDC offices at (816) 228-0208.
City of Blue SpringsNews Happenings
Around Town

A monthly message from your 
Blue Springs Mayor and
City Council
 Mayor Carson Ross
Hello and welcome to another informative edition of News Happenings Around Town.
As we enjoy the warm, eventful days of summer, it's good to reflect on the opportunity we have to live in and be a part of such a great community. Blue Springs is a community that strives to offer citizens a wide range of public services, recreational amenities, quality education and a diverse array of opportunities to get engaged in community issues and initiatives.
In city government, citizens are encouraged to participate in the public meetings of elected and appointed officials to learn how local decision makers are working on their behalf. For years, citizen groups like Stand Up Blue Springs! and Renew the Blue have focused on issues such as neighborhood growth, community improvements and economic development. And our newest citizen engagement initiative, the Blue Springs Citizen Police Academy is designed to expose citizens to the policies, performance and administrative practices of our Blue Springs Department, revealing how our officers work every day to keep our community safe.
If you are considering how you can be involved with one or more of these outstanding community services, you're taking the first and perhaps most important step. An active and thriving community is most commonly fueled by its citizens.
By deciding to become involved in Blue Springs, you're doing your part to help make this City great, one project, one street, and one neighborhood at a time. To learn more about citizen engagement opportunities in Blue Springs, call City Hall at (816) 228-0110.
As always, please continue sharing this timely publication and spreading the word about what's good and going on in the City of Blue Springs.
Blue Springs, Growing Strong
City of Blue SpringsLast Monday, City Staff received a population update from the US Census Bureau.  Blue Springs population is currently estimated at 55,698 and we are now identified as the 10th largest City in the State of Missouri, followed closely by St. Peters and Florissant in the St. Louis metro area.  During the last 10 years Blue Springs has experienced an annual growth of approximately 2%; outpacing the overall growth rate for the state of Missouri which is approximately 1%. 
As our population grows, a critical challenge for the City will be to maintain those essential city services that create value and a strong quality of life for our entire community. One thing this past year has taught us is that responsible government leadership involves doing more with less, sustaining quality of life, and utilizing available resources to provide good customer service.  Everyday, we are working to address citizens' needs and anticipate their concerns. As a collective body, comprised of elected officials, city staff and area citizens we will continue to work together to stimulate growth and opportunities, making our city a leader in Eastern Jackson County for decades to come.  
The top 10 largest cities in Missouri included (beginning with the largest):Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Independence, Columbia, Lee's Summit, O'Fallon, St. Joseph, St. Charles, Blue Springs.
City Hosts Civic Leadership Awards Banquet
2009 Citizen of the Year, Emil Spears
Last evening (July 16), the City of Blue Springs hosted the annual Civic Leadership Awards Banquet for the West Gate Region of the Missouri Municipal League (MML). 
City and county governments from Jackson, Platte, Ray, Cass and Clay Counties comprise the West Gate Region of MML, a professional nonprofit organization created to promote cooperation between Missouri cities, towns and villages.
Each year, the Civic Leadership Awards Banquet recognizes outstanding civic leaders from communities across the state, bestowing them with the honor as their community's Citizen of the Year.
Last night, the City of Blue Springs recognized Emil Spears as one of the City's citizens of the year. Emil has been an active leader in Blue Springs for numerous years, playing an integral role in community issues such as downtown redevelopment and public safety. Most recently, Emil served as the Chair of the Mayoral-appointed Citizen Police Advisory Task Force which completed its work earlier this year.
At the banquet, the City was also honored with the MML's coveted traveling attendance award which is given to the municipality with the greatest number of guests in attendance at each meeting. Blue Springs won the award for the July 16 annual banquet with 19 members of City Council, staff and community members present.
Also earning the distinction of Citizen of the Year, Tom Evans, Blue Springs citizen and community leader will also be recognized during the 2009 Truman Heartland Community Foundation Gala in September. 
New Public Safety Citizen Advisory Board Appointed
Blue Springs Public Safety Citizens' Advisory BoardAt the last regular meeting of the Blue Springs City Council, I had the privilege of appointing Blue Springs' first Public Safety Citizen Advisory Board, which will expand the partnership between our citizens and the Blue Springs Police Department through regular recommendations and dialogue on public safety issues in the community. The ordinance establishing the six member board is the result of the Mayor's Citizen Police Advisory Task Force which completed its work in recent months.

Members appointed to the Public Safety Citizen Advisory Board include:
  • Chris Lievasy (Chair)
  • Tom Echerd (Vice Chair)
  • Janet Black
  • Lee Miller
  • Michelle Weisenborn, and
  • Chuck Zuvers

On July 7, the Advisory Board held its first meeting at City Hall. During the meeting members discussed organizational activities including rules of order and meeting dates, as well as reviewed previous recommendations from the Citizen Police Advisory Task Force. The Board's current focus will be to examine those public safety issues that have pressing importance including equipment needs, crime prevention, and public awareness.

Together with Police Chief Wayne McCoy, I am eager to collaborate with these outstanding citizens who have volunteered their time to work together in a continuous effort to provide the quality law enforcement services for our community. 
Step out Against Crime,
National Night Out August 4 
 2009 National Night Out, August 4 
On August 4, 2009, we invite your family to join us as we celebrate the 11th Annual National Night Out (NNO) event in Blue Springs. Hundreds of families, elected officials and neighboring businesses will be stepping out in the streets of downtown Blue Springs on August 4, taking a stand against crime and drug abuse.
The event will be held at 11th and SW Smith Street, directly across from the Blue Springs Public Safety Building. Sponsored by the Blue Springs Police Department, NNO is a free event designed to generate support and encourage participation for anticrime and public safety programs, and to strengthen the neighborly spirit of Blue Springs police-community partnerships.
This year, on Saturday August 1, Blue Springs Police Officers, community members and volunteers will celebrate the kick-off of National Night Out 2009, as they host child-centered activities and crime safety information booths at businesses around the community. For more information about the 2009 National Night Event and related activities, go to
Take a Stroll Down Main Street, New Lights, New Sidewalks, New Look
New Lights, New Sidewalks, Downtown Blue SpringsHave you taken a stroll down Main Street lately? If you haven't, you might want to consider visiting the downtown area to view some of the new improvements to the area's streetscape. Through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, the City is working to install a series of new decorative lights along Main Street, beginning at Highway 7 and going west to 15th Street.
Installation of lights along the North side of Main Street have been competed from Highway 7 to 12th Street and on the South side of Main between 9th and 12th Streets. Kansas City Power & Light crews anticipate the installation of the remaining lights to be completed in the next few weeks, weather permitting.
The presence of new, consistent lighting will certainly bring both visual appeal and act as an added safety measure for pedestrians traveling in our downtown area. Through the use of City Council-approved CDBG funds, the City has also installed several new decorative crosswalks and more than 3,600 feet of new and replacement sidewalks throughout downtown. For questions or more information about the City's CDBG program, visit
I hope you have found this issue of News Happenings Around Town to be both informative and timely for your City information needs. Is there anything we missed? Do you have questions about any of the articles from this issue? Share your thoughts with me and the City Council by calling City Hall at (816) 228-0110. Know that we truly value your time and support for our City and hope you join us for the next issue of News Happenings

Carson Ross, Mayor 
City of Blue Springs
The City of Blue Springs is a unique community where families, visitors and businesses share a special quality of life and an abundant spirit of community closeness and cooperation. 
Our number one goal is to ensure that our residents, visitors and patrons receive quality customer service and attention with every program and service the City provides. Just as you stand by a community that strives to meet your family's needs, we promise to do our best to meet these needs and anticipate what's best for you and our community, to the best of our ability.
News & Events Around the Community: 
 2009 Missouri Municipal League's
Civic Leadership Awards Banquet 
 MML Civic Leadership Awards Banquet 2009
 Mayor Carson Ross (left) and MML President Bill Skaggs (right) present
the 2009 Blue Springs Citizen of the Year award to Emil Spears (center).
      MML Civic Leadership Awards Banquet 2009   
District 3 Councilmen Ron Fowler and Councilman Sheila Solon greet City staff, community members and Blue Springs First Lady, Eloise Ross.
MML Civic Leadership Awards Banquet 2009 
    Mayor Carson Ross, 2009 Citizen of the Year Emil Spears, City Council, City staff and community members accept the MML Traveling Attendance Award. 

 MML Civic Leadership Awards Banquet 2009
 Mr. and Mrs. Emil and Judy Spears accept the
2009 Blue Springs Citizen of the Year Award.
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