Codes Administration Division


(816) 220-4565

(816) 228-0225

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The Codes Administration Division certifies that so far as ascertained by the City of Blue Springs the described portion of the structure has been inspected for compliance with the requirements of the City of Blue Springs Municipal Code.
Name Title Email Phone
Gurney, Norm Codes Administrator
Mihalko, Aliyah Business Services Representative-Permitting (816) 228-0118
Dunham, Debbie Business Services Representative-Permitting (816) 228-0117
Angarita, Mitzi Secretary (816) 220-4565
Barron, Robert Codes Inspector (816) 220-4548
Heublein, Brian Building Inspector (816) 220-4591
Green, Bob Plans Examiner (816) 220-2691
Farrell, Jake Plans Examiner (816) 228-0123
Kunellis, Alex Building Inspector (816) 228-0126
Goessling, Kristen Codes Inspector (816) 220-2688
Floyd, Jennifer Seasonal Codes Inspector (816) 220-4589