Special Assessments

Parcels With Special Assessments

View a list of Parcels With Special Assessments (PDF) located in the city limits of Blue Springs. This document displays special assessments associated with outstanding nuisance violations. This link is updated nightly.

Please note: Cases currently being processed with the Codes Administration Department are not included in this document. Call 816-220-4565 to contact the Codes Administration Department about a specific parcel. If you have any questions regarding these special assessments, contact the Accounting Division of the Finance Department at 816-228-0202.

Payment Due to the City

If payment is due to the city, make check payable to:

City of Blue Springs

Attention: Revenue Collections

903 W. Main St.

Blue Springs, MO 64015-3799

Please indicate invoice number(s) with payment to assure the account is credited properly.

Payment Due to Jackson County

If payment is due to Jackson County, view the Collections Department of Jackson County website.