Harboring Stray, Lost or Dangerous Animals

According to the Blue Springs Municipal Code of Ordinances, Section 215.010, an animal "Owner" is constituted as the following:

  • Owner: The person having the right of property or custody of a dog, cat, or animal or who keeps or harbors a dog, cat, or animal or knowingly permits a dog, cat or animal to remain on or about any premises occupied by that person.
Residents who knowingly keep or harbor an animal within Blue Springs city limits are accepting all ownership rights as outlined under Section 215.050.

Resident Duties
These duties include but are not limited to:
  • Provide it with humane shelter from heat, cold, rain, wind and snow.
  • Give it food and water adequate to keep the animal in good health and comfort.
  • Animal shelters, to include dog houses and kennels, must be soundly constructed, dry and provided in cold weather with clean bedding.
  • All dogs or cats must be given an opportunity for vigorous daily exercise and must be provided by their owners with veterinary care when needed to prevent suffering.
  • No owner shall permit a dog or cat to bark, howl, meow or cry, in such a manner that it annoys or disturbs a reasonable man.
  • No owner shall allow to accumulate excrement or other waste material such that either the odor or smell of the same is offensive to a reasonable man located off the owner's property, or the condition creates a health hazard to man or animal, or unreasonably interferes with the normal enjoyment of another person's property.
  • No owner of a dog, cat or other animal shall abandon his or her dog, cat or animal.

View additional information on the Responsibilities of Pet and Animal Owners Section 215.010 (General Provisions) of the Blue Springs Municipal Code of Ordinances.

Harboring Dangerous Animals
It is illegal to harbor or keep a "dangerous animal" or to own such an animal and allow it to be kept or harbored within the city of Blue Springs.

Additional information on the city's Harboring Animals Ordinance - Section 215.160 of the Blue Springs Municipal Code of Ordinances.

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