Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan For The Future

The Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Planning Commission on June 23, 2014 with an effective implementation date to correspond with the adoption of the Unified Development Code update.  

This plan concentrates on integrating land use, development form, urban design, transportation and economic development strategies into all decisions that impact physical improvements in our city. It will act as a long-term guide for growth and development in Blue Springs

The Community Development Department and Planning Commission used feedback from residents and business owners to create this plan. Over the next 10 to 15 years, the City Council and staff will use this plan to guide all policy, improvements and investment decisions.The new Comprehensive Plan challenges the City to approach development in Blue Springs differently by focusing on places and not land use. This new planning system will help the City better address resident input.

Through public feedback, the City developed five ‘Big Ideas’ that serve as themes throughout the plan.  From these themes, a framework was formed featuring: Places, City Image, Connections and Investment.Within each framework, five goals were created that tie back to the overall themes.  For example, one  ‘Big Idea’ is that Downtown is the Heart of Our Community.  The City carries out this ‘Big Idea’ through smaller goals such as continued work with organizations like Downtown Alive! to rejuvenate the downtown district.

To see the Comprehensive Plan, click here.

Specific Plans

The City Planning Division is currently working on creating Specific Plans that narrow down the Comprehensive Plan’s  framework in an effort to make timely completion more obtainable. Four Specific Plans have been completed and the remaining four plans will be created over the next few years.

Four Specific Plans have been completed: