Downtown Blue Springs


The Blue Springs community has a vision for a vibrant, mixed-use downtown that is the economic and social heart of the community. The concept has been achieved through years of intense community discussion, including Downtown Alive!, citizens' visioning efforts titled, “Out of the Blue, Into the Future” and “Renew the Blue” and efforts of various community partners, including the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce.

We are currently working on a new Downtown Master Plan. You can go here to take the survey and view the Interactive map. The Blue Springs Downtown Master Plan  

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Downtown AlivE!

Downtown Alive is a group of stakeholders consisting of downtown merchants, the City, EDC, Chamber, Blue Springs Business Association, Historical Society and business outside downtown area. In the summer of 2015, Downtown Alive! was recognized as a Missouri Associate Main Street Program due to the success of their revitalization plan.  For more information about Downtown Alive! visit Downtown Alive!
Downtown Alive! participates in Missouri Main Street Program which focuses on a Four Points Approach, a system that has been used successfully in over 110 cities in Missouri.  The Four Points include Design, Economic Restructuring, Organization and Promotion. 
Program participants including business owners and community stakeholders have been organized into committees based on these Four Points. After completing the program, the Downtown Alive! group will be in a better position to foster new business development, facade renovations and restoration of historic buildings, festivals and special events, and streetscape improvements. In summer of 2015, Downtown Alive! received the distinction of becoming a Missouri Associate Main Street Program. This brings our community one step closer to becoming an Accredited Main Street Program and meeting national 10-point criteria.

Downtown Incentives

Are you interested in opening a business in the downtown corridor?  The City and MCRC offers several economic tools to businesses located in the downtown corridor.  

Here is more information about programs and plans for downtown:
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