5-Year Dedicated Parks Maintenance Sales Tax

The Blue Springs Parks and Recreation Department would like to sincerely thank our residents for the vote of confidence this past April for the passage of the 5-Year Dedicated Parks Maintenance Sales Tax.   This sales tax will fund approximately 40 percent – 15 million dollars – of the parks deferred maintenance needs over the 5-year sunset period.  

The new tax rate will be implemented on October 1, 2017 and the City will receive the first revenue from the tax in December 2017.  The Parks Commission has established a sub-committee that will help staff prepare themes, specifications and budget oversight of the sales tax. This sub-committee will provide quarterly reports to the Park Commission and an annual report will be provided to the City Council. 

The Parks Commission reviewed all projects under the sales tax and recommended a timeline for the 2017-18 fiscal year.  The estimated total for these projects is $2,104,150. 

Year One

Parks Maintenance Projects Include:

Major Renovation of Burrus Old Mill Park

  • Construction of a new Splash Pad
  • Renovations to the: playground, basketball court, baseball field, volleyball court, skate park, shelters and restrooms.

Major Renovation of Wilbur Young Park

Renovations to the: playground, basketball courts, softball field, tennis courts, volleyball courts, shelters and restrooms.

Deferred maintenance repairs at every park in Blue Springs.  To download a complete list (PDF), click here.  For a project list with cost estimates, click here.

Trails Maintenance Proposed Projects Include:

  • Repairs to segments of Adams Dairy Parkway Trail
  • Repairs to segments of Duncan Road Trail
  • Repairs to Woods Chapel Park Trail
  • Replacement of Rotary Park Trail
  • Repairs to 5 additional trail sections in Blue Springs.  Click here for a complete list.

Facilities Maintenance Proposed Projects Include:

Vesper Hall

  • Replacement of the original roof
  • Flooring replacement, building repair and repainting

Adams Pointe Golf Course

  • • Replacement of the original roof
  • • Cart path replacement, bunker repair and replacement
For a complete facilities maintenance list, click here.

Additional Information