Personal Training

Personal trainers have become a mainstay in gyms and fitness centers across the country. When you hire the services of a personal trainer, you receive a customized workout program designed to help you reach your fitness goals. At the Fieldhouse we have four nationally certified personal trainers that are ready to work you into tip top shape. Get more information at our Fitness Desk or set up a one-on-one meeting with one of our trainers!  

Fieldhouse Personal Trainers

Anne Brammer
Jen Tackett
Tabatha Martin
Mary Alice MacDonald

Pricing - 60 Minute Sessions

Individual Packages 
1 individual session - $40 (member)
1 individual session - $60 (non-member)
4 individual sessions - $150 (member)
4 individual sessions - $225 (non-member)

Small Group Packages (2-5 people)
Price is per person.
1 small group session - $20 (members)
1 small group session - $30 (non-members)
4 small group sessions - $75 (members)
4 small group sessions - $95 (non-members)

For a complete price list including non-member and 30-minute session pricing, click below! 
personal training