Community Develop. Block Grant Advisory Committee

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Advisory Committee assists in the assessment of projects presented for annual funding consideration.  This is a seven-member committee that includes members of the community with a knowledge of and interest in redevelopment with low- and moderate-income areas, downtown capital improvements, housing, and homeless and disability needs.


  • Recommends polices, goals, and objectives of the CDBG program, after consultation with the Mayor, to be approved by the City Council;
  • Evaluates performance of the funded activities and, at the discretion of the Committee, makes recommendations to the Mayor and City Council regarding future activities
  • Recommends to the Mayor and City Council a budget for funding based upon City policies, goals, objectives, financial needs and commitments and community needs assessments;
  • Conducts program reviews, solicit, and receive written comments from the public, and conducts public hearings; and;
  • Attends all scheduled meetings (approximately 4-6 per year) 

Staff Liaisons

Community Development Department 

Mike Mallon
Matt Wright

Public Works Department

Chris Sandie
Jeff Sell

Parks Department

Dennis Dovel        

Recording Secretary

Karen Findora, Administrative Assistant
Ph: 816-228-0207
Board Members
Representing Agency
Appointed Term Expires
Cindy Miller - Chair Blue Springs Downtown Alive! 2020 2021
Susan Stokenbury - Vice Chair Planning Commission  2020 2021
Jason Ellis Downtown Review Board 2020 2021
Jerry Kaylor - Councilmember Council District #1 2020 2021
Chris Lievsay - Councilmember Council District #2 2020 2021
Richard Mitchem Park Commission 2020 2021
Susan Culpepper - Councilmember  Council District #3 2020 2021
Cindy Miller Blue Springs Downtown Alive! 2020 2021
Susan Stokenbury Planning Commission 2020 2021