Public Safety Citizens' Advisory Board

Public Safety Citizens Advisory Board Members
Front row, left to right: Natalie Beltgens, Connor Kahman (Student Representative), Vice Chairman Grant Bowerman, Jerry Kaylor.   Back row, left to right: Patrick Mitchell, Chairman Robert Morton, Jeff Quibell (Council Liaison), Cindy Hood.  Not Pictured:   Chief Wayne McCoy (City Liaison)


The Public Safety Citizens' Advisory Board advises the Mayor and City Council through the Police Chief and City Administration regarding various public safety programs, services, policies, budget issues, public information, public relations, criminal activities, and crime prevention programs within the city. The board will promote various activities of the Blue Springs Police Department, including but not limited to, activities related to crime prevention, law enforcement, and advocating of public safety needs. The board will provide Official Recommendations regarding short and long-term public safety planning issues, reviewing parking and traffic activities and animal control ordinances. The board will conduct an annual public safety community forum for the purpose of promoting and advocating public safety programs, services, and initiatives. The Board provides oversight of the 1/2 cent dedicated Public Safety Sales Tax.  


The Public Safety Citizens' Advisory Board meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Journagan Room at the Howard L. Brown Public Safety Building.


The Board shall consist of 8 members: 2 members from each of the City's 3 districts, one Councilman, and a youth member who shall be entering his/her senior year of high school at the time of his/her appointment. The members first appointed after the creation of the Board shall be appointed for the following terms: 3 (one from each District) for 2 years and 3 (one from each District) for 1 year. Subsequent appointment shall be for terms of 2 years.  The youth member and the Council representative shall serve 1 year terms.  The youth member, Council representative and City Staff members do not have voting rights.
Board Members
Term Expires
Robert Morton (Chair) May 2016 April 2018
Grant Bowerman (Vice Chair) May 2016 April 2018
Natalie Beltgens May 2016 April 2018
Cindy Hood May 2015 April 2017
Jerry Kaylor May 2016 April 2018
Patrick Mitchell May 2016 April 2018
Alex Dye, Youth Member (non-voting) May 2015 Sept. 2016
Jeff Quibell, Councilman (non-voting) May 2016 April 2017