Industrial Development Authority

The Industrial Development Authority is responsible for fostering pro-active communication between the City and the building community on proposed development regulation changes and to provide a vehicle for the resolution of issues affecting new legislation whether proposed by the City or the building community.

Established by Municipal Code 120.270

Meetings for the IDA are held at the call of the Chairman or at the request of an applicant to the Director of Community Development.
The IDA shall consist of 8 members appointed by the Mayor with approval of the City Council to serve 6-year terms. Two of the members shall be representatives of the building industry. Two members shall be residents of the City of Blue Springs. One member shall be a current councilman. One member shall be a current member of the Planning Commission. The City Engineer and the Community Development Director shall each be members of the Commission
Board Members
Term Expires
Gary Bradley May 2013 April 2019
John Hardy May 2015 April 2021
Lewis Jones June 2015 April 2021
Steve LaPour May 2015 April 2021
Susan Culpepper, Councilman May 2016 April 2017
___________ Planning Commission Rep.    
Scott Allen, Community Development Director    
Ben McCabe, City Engineer