Downtown Review Board

The Downtown Review Board serves as the governing body for the Downtown Development Code enforcing building layout and the Downtown Zoning Map.

Established by Municipal Code Section 404.240, E of the Downtown Development Code.


The Downtown Review Board meets on an as-needed basis, based upon the complete submission of applications.
The committee is comprised of 9 members and 1 alternate member: two members of Planning Commission, two members of City Council, The Community Development Director, the Public Works Director, a residential property owner, a business owner, and property owner who owns business property located in the T-Zone of the Downtown Zoning area.  One additional member of the Planning Commission shall serve as an alternate member if one of the Planning Commission members is absent or have a conflict of interest.  Members serve one-year terms.
Board Members
Term Expires
Cindy Miller, Chairman May 2016 April 2017
Yvonne Woods, Vice-Chairman May 2016 April 2017
Jennifer Hauschild May 2016 April 2017
Kent Edmondson, Councilman May 2016 April 2017
Chris Lievsay, Councilman May 2016 April 2017
James Wallace, Planning Commission Rep. May 2016 April 2017
Joe Haney, Planning Commission Rep. May 2016 April 2017
Jacqueline Fairbanks, Planning Commission Rep (Alternate) May 2016 April 2017
Scott Allen, Community Development Director    
Chris Sandie, Public Works Director